Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Part Time Job

I have a very special part time job. One weekend a month and two weeks a year, I put on my uniform and serve in the Army National Guard. Well amidst all the budget battles in Washington, we received orders to ship out and once again lend our services to the war on terror. What other part time job would afford you the ability to not only see a foreign country but to experience it so up close and personal for a whole year? (100% sarcasm here) Honestly, I love serving my country and just can't see myself not being a soldier. This was not just out of the blue as we were warned of the call up a few months ago. Deja Vu, would be a great way to describe the emotions I am feeling. I will miss my son's 16th birthday and sophomore year just like I missed my daughter's 16th birthday and sophomore year the last time we went. I am so thankful for my family and their understanding. It will be hard on them to keep up with the current workload on the farm so all this years plans have been put on hold until I return in 2012. I'm planning on mid tour leave to coincide with my daughters college graduation. It seems, everyone is so high on the military members service that sometimes the families get overlooked. Next time you thank a soldier, sailor, or marine, be sure to give a big ole at a boy to there family too! Y'all Come Back!

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