Saturday, April 4, 2009

A&Ms Hatched and Strawberries Blooming

Outside of the fact I missed everything today because of Guard Drill. Rich Heritage has continued to produce. The strawberry plants from my FIL's patch started blooming today. The Tristars we ordered are putting on some leaves and actually look like plants now. I believe two of them are goners but we'll just have to wait and see.

On the quail front, we have 33 new additions so far. They are in a small Rubbermaid tub right now awaiting more hatch mates. I was lazy and didn't' set up the brooder cage last night and get everything prepared like I should have. So Malita and Archie set up the tub while I was gone today and it will do until tomorrow after I get back from Drill.
Y'all Come Back!


TheMartianChick said...

How cute! How many eggs did you set this time?

Brad said...

I set 60 eggs, but I removed 10 along the way. I definitely had a bad egg in there somewhere and I'm still not sure I actually got it out.