Monday, April 6, 2009

Quail --- The Perfect Livestock

The quail egg business boomed yesterday. I made delivery of 18 dozen eggs to a fellow guardsman Sunday at Guard Drill, plus another guardsman picked up another 8 dozen Sunday afternoon. It was great to see them all go, and the best part was I didn’t have to ship them although they are going to homes in Middle Tennessee and Central Kentucky.

As I type these numbers it seems like such an impressive amount of eggs, but it’s not even a full five days worth. My hens are laying an incredible amount of eggs, my 84 hens are laying at least 70 eggs a day with the highest single day lay of 79 eggs. It is absolutely amazing how they lay so many eggs for such a relatively low cost. If the many urban homesteaders who cannot raise chickens could learn about the quail, they could have a cheap very nice alternative for amazing numbers of eggs and an absolutely delicate meat source. The greatest advantage of the coturnix quail is they start laying eggs at six weeks and reach their maximum size by ten weeks. If your looking for the perfect livestock for your homesteading give the quail a long look, you won’t regret it!


TheMartianChick said...

Did they buy the eggs to eat or to hatch, Brad? I am thinking about tapping into our Asian population to sell fresh eggs.

I just learned the other day that quail eggs are the ones that are used in Japanese cuisine. I remember going to a Japanese restaurant with my class when I was 13 and we got to try sushi before we ordered our main entrees. I remember that the variety of sushi that I enjoyed was made with layers of egg and then wrapped with that seaweed tape-like stuff. The egg tasted slightly sweet... I assumed that it was from some special seasonings. Now, I believe that the eggs might have been quail. I'm definitely looking forward to eggs from my birds.

Brad said...

They are going to pickle them. I have never had a pickled egg before, but I hear they are great. I have eaten our eggs scrambled, fried and boiled. I have been bugging Malita to devil some. I know it would be an awful lot of work, but I think I may get her to make them eventually.

tina f. said...

Hi Brad, Thanks for stopping by my blog! Do you ever sell the quail chicks? Last March we had a really hard time trying to find a few quail to use as training for our dog. We finally found some and paid a good price for them too! And yes, quail eggs are perfect for deviled eggs too ☺.