Saturday, March 21, 2009

Busy Day

Today was a pretty busy day. I didn’t get home from work until 9:00 last night due to a last minute re-write of a youth program grant. So I had to double time this afternoon. Since my son didn’t have football practice today I had some help. We built three new bed frames for this year’s square foot garden. We made two 4x8’s and one 4x16. We also set-up the outside summer quail grow out hutch.
I ordered 25 strawberry plants from Stark Bros. which still haven’t arrived yet, but I’m not sure that is such a bad thing as long as they arrive healthy. I will add them with anther 50 transplants from my Father in Law’s bed in their new home here.
My FIL came by after he got off work and tried to get my tiller running; however, it was an effort in futility. Even though my main gardening efforts will be the square garden method and aquaponics, I still need the tiller to start our new corn patch. If we don’t get ours running, I’ll just borrow his big rear tine and get the site worked in about half the time. I’m very confident he will get ours running since he loves to tinker with small engines.
This week end will be a none stop work-a-thon. We will start fencing tomorrow. This is a must and can’t be put off any longer. We are putting up new field fence up around the barn, the new pig pen and corral, as well as the 100 yards from the road to the first turn behind the house. The goats have done a wonderful job of cleaning off this part of the fence. I really can’t tell you what’s keeping the horses in the pasture. Apparently, they just like their pasture home. The goats I’m not so sure about! They really like our shrubbery and I’m sure they’ll love my garden beds.
The seeds we started last Saturday have all sprouted with the exception of the pepper plants. From what I understand, they take longer to germinate and warmer soil temperature. I am amazed how much some of them have grown. The pole bean starts are at least four inches tall. Actually I’m amazed anything sprouted at all. I do believe that the work is just as much fun as learning how to do so many new things.
If I knew, I would get so many things crossed off my to-do list by admitting publicly I was procrastinator I would have done it years ago!

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TheMartianChick said...

A blog does keep you honest, doesn't it? I am finding that once I declare that I'm going to do something on my blog that I have no choice but to follow through on it.

It is nice to have someone handy in the family to fix stuff when it breaks. In our family, my husband is that person. Over the years, he has kept all of our cars in tip top shape along with our various yard tools, plumbing,furnace etc...He saves us a lot of money, for which I am eternally grateful!

I also write grants for my day job and have had many a "late night" trying to package a grant application. My favorite was for a government grant that had to be completed online. The website went down just before we were ready to send it at 11pm. I thought that I was going to cry.It finally went through and I got to go home.What made it even worse was that it was the start of my vacation and we had to fly out first thing in the morning. Most of my grant madness is in the Fall...Maybe I shouldn't schedule vacations then!