Saturday, March 28, 2009

Plants Set Out in Two Square Foot Gardens

We set out vegetable plants this afternoon. Our little experiment of starting seeds turned out well. As a matter of fact, they performed far above our expectations and grew faster than I thought they would. It was either put them in their permanent home or transplant them to bigger containers. The weather is still a little chilly at night so we are going to cover them at night.
We set out pole beans, cucumbers, squash, zucchinis and okra in one of the 4X8 beds. This bed had been constructed last week; however, we had to put it in place, install weed barrier fabric, mix and fill it with the soil.
40 strawberry plants were set in a 4x10 bed we used for vegetables last year. Some were transplants from my Father In Law's patch and 25 of them were new plants from Stark Bros. Nursery. Hopefully, we will be able to harvest all the berries from the 15 plants from my FIL's, but we plan to pinch most of the blooms off the new plants from Stark Bros. The Stark Bros. are Tristars and we don't have any idea what the others are. We hope they are ever bearing, although if they are just June bearers that will be fine also.
Along with the much larger gardening effort this year, landscaping is a must for this spring. We are planning to incorporate a lot of edible plants into the landscaping. Most herbs are absolutely beautiful and we plan to use them as well as blueberry bushes.
It's still to wet to get any more fencing done, but I'm on Spring Break next week and hopefully will be able to knock most of it out if the weather improves.
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TheMartianChick said...

I wish that we could plant veggies outdoors this early, even if they did need to be covered at night.I do envy your southern climate!