Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I spoke with my A&M hens this evening!

While I was out feeding this evening, I had a talk with Texas A&M breeders. I explained how their eggs have a very special assignment coming up soon. You see I'm going to be sending 25 eggs to MARS!
You should have all their little heads perk up. The males were crowing and the females were purring and all their eyes were on me. I really thought they were very excited about this monumental task, since I had their undivided attention. I did have their attention, but alas, it was because I was still holding the feeder that I had just filled up. Oh well, I'm still excited.
No, I won't be needing NASA to deliver the eggs, the USPS will be able to handle this delivery. Apparently we have Martians living in New York, so they will be responsible for their space voyage. Since this is my first shipment of eggs, I'm just a little apprehensive about preparing them for the trip. I've just got to do my best and hopefully everything will go good. If not, I'm sure to learn something.
So who knows, the next time you look up and see a light racing through the sky, it might just be quail attempting to conquer the last frontier!

Y'all Come Back!


TheMartianChick said...

I hope that you explained that the conditions on Mars will be difficult for their offspring... After all, Martians have no experience with quail and the hatchlings may find them to be rather odd folks to live with.

On the plus side, Martians are known to provide plenty of treats each day to any animals that happen to be around, so the quail will be well-fed, if nothing else!

Martians are a quick study when it comes to chasing down escaping critters that move fast, so it is anticipated that there will be plenty of excitement once they hatch.

It is also good to know that NASA won't be needed to get the eggs to the Mission-2-Mars Urban Farmstead after all, rocket fuel is very expensive. However, the transportation services of another government agency will be required: The US Postal Service. Let us hope that they treat their very special cargo with kindness.

Thank you so much for sending your special brand of Texas A & M's on this very important mission to colonize Mars!

Brad said...

You are so welcome. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have.