Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Archie!

Today is our son's thirteenth birthday!

Jess came home from college to help us celebrate. Archie's grandmother (Momma Judy) treated us all to supper out. Both of my sisters and my nephew joined us for the occasion. We had a great time. The restaurant we went to eat at is the only one in our little town open on weeknights, but the food was excellent as always. His cake was decorated with a football, of course and was really good.

Here is the Rich Heritage bunch: Jess, Archie, Malita and me. I'm sure tomorrow we will look somewhat different as we once again work on our to-do list. It was really nice to take the afternoon off though. Maybe it will recharge us a little. I know I ate enough to need a nap.

Y'all Come Back!

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TheMartianChick said...

Special Martian birthday wishes for Archie! It looks as though you all had a very enjoyable evening and you have a nice looking family to boot! The cake looks great. I keep saying that I am going to take one of those cake decorating classes but I always seem to put it off. As a result, any cakes that I bake are fairly plain... Thank goodness that our local grocery store has a nice bakery.

Kids grow up so fast...We have a total of 4 kids. The eldest two (from my hubby's 1st marriage)are going to be 29 and 30 this year. Our two will be 19 and 20. We are fortunate that they go to college close by and that we can always meet up for family events (like birthdays).

With all of the hard work that your family has been doing on the farm, a restaurant meal is the perfect reward. Though we live in a city, we don't go out for dinner that often. We've found that although there are a lot of restaurants to choose from, they all seem to serve the same things.